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Help us fundraise for the National Championship in North Carolina!

DCT Alumni, Parents and Friends:
As one of the top ranked team's in the country, we are invited to participate in a number of tournaments on an annual basis. Because of our busy schedules and limited budget, we only choose a select few tournaments in which to travel each year.

If you wish to support us, follow the following instructions:

  •  click this link . (If the link doesn't work, copy/paste the URL into your browser)
  •  To donate, scroll down to "club sports" and and indicate that your donation go to "Friends of Club Sports." 
  • When the form asks for "other instructions about your gift," simply indicate that you wish to donate to Club Tennis.

 In addition to our own fundraising efforts at school, we are doing our best to be able to pay for our trips, which include a winter tournament in Florida and the Tennis on Campus National Championship in North Carolina. Any and all donations are incredibly appreciated!

Best (and fsug....),


Thank You (and we miss you) alumni!

David Lerner '14                 Elizabeth Blackburn '15

Kaavya Adam '14               Jesse Heussner '15

Sydney Matteson '14          Kat Spillane '15

Paul Strauch '13

Edita Robinson '13

Alyssa Perez '13

Michael Dimitrief '12

David Orbuch '12

Jennifer Bucholtz '12

James Francis '11

Jamie Berger '11

Michael Bush '10

Maggie Bell '10